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About Us

Talent Concept: Trust, Constraint, Grow

Dongxing give every member of Dongxing enough trust to live like a family in a big family, create freely, and also grow together, but the appropriate constraints are also to protect the interests of the majority, always appoint people on their merits.

business Philosophy: Provide excellent quality, enjoy a good life together

The details cast quality, and Dongxing always regards quality as the lifeline of the company's survival and development, and constantly improves the quality of products. Making fine products is commitment and we will make every efforts to beautify the human environment. Everyone develops and shares a better life together.

Company Culture

①Create a company culture of equality and trust based on human-oriented, system guarantee, premise of unity.

②Cultural origin: from “Dedicate yourself and you will win” to “no pain no gain”, heritage spirit of the South Fujian.

③Company Vision: Stone application solution service provider.

④Company Value: user-centric, win-win with partners, share with striver.

⑤Company Spirit: remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, carry forward “5 ingenuity” craftsmanship: ingenuity-select material, ingenuity-design, ingenuity-craft, ingenuity-service, ingenuity-inherit.