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Release time:2021-10-20
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In recent days, the Information Department and Production Service Department of Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, along with Quanzhou Evening, Baozhong Travel and other press and travel company visited related operation unit in “Hometown of Hero, City of Fashion” tourist route, in order to promote industrial tourism demonstration enterprises and industrial tourism route.


As one of the main operating unit in this route, Dongxing Group·Nanxing Marble Co., Ltd and its “Dongxing Luxury Stone Cultural and Creative Park·Stone Culture and Art Museum” has become the representative of "Abundant Study characteristics" of industrial tourism in Quanzhou with its rich cultural stone collection, professional knowledge and study experience over the years.

Video: Minnan Industrial Trip·Dongxing Luxury Stone Cultural and Creative Park·Stone Culture and Art Museum

The stalactite wonder, shaped by nature

Glowing fluorite, a fantastic craft

Carving innovates the leather to great

Jade connotes unique charm and artistry

Jade Section, Peculiar Stone Section, Stone Culture and Art Section, Screen Gallery, "Stone Age" Cultural Corridor, Selected Luxury Stone Slab Section, Application Section, Design and Carving Center and many other creative and comprehensive venues converge into the Dongxing Luxury Stone Cultural and Creative Park - Dongxing Stone Culture and Art Museum.

This is a museum that integrates stone collection, protection, research and demonstration, as one of the earliest stone museum in Fujian Province. It’s also the open window for industrial tour of stone culture, integration and study tour.

Come here

Take a tour on exploring stone culture

Peek the grand geology wonder

Glance the ancient pieces of nature

By visiting the museum, not only can you travel through the history and humanities, read the curious stories of human and stone development, but also participate in various fun interactive experiences, such as "to see the world in a grain of sand", "hard against hard", "Jade Painting", "Jade Carving", "Wisdom in Jade" and so on, to feel the artistic charm of stone culture in the creation.

Dongxing Luxury Stone Cultural and Creative Park·Stone Culture and Art Museum was selected as the first provincial tourism factory, provincial cultural industry demonstration base, and the first provincial industrial tourism demonstration base in Fujian, as well as a provincial study and practice education base for primary and secondary school students with its rich and rare stone collection, interesting interactive experience, and creative stone fashion.

Quanzhou City, the World Heritage

The amazing tour in this stone museum

Add more lives in industrial tour of Quanzhou

With the successful application of Quanzhou to become a world heritage city, and as the stone industry "cultural pivot", Dongxing Luxury Stone Cultural and Creative Park·Stone Culture and Art Museum dedicate to “promote travel by culture, highlight the culture by travel” in the field of cultural heritage and public cultural services of Quanzhou, and help the integration of cultural and industrial tourism development, making the cultural industries more vitality.


Dongxing Stone Culture and Art Museum

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